The Facts about Rheumatoid Arthritis and its After-effects

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune illness where the body’s immune system which otherwise protects our body from foreign bodies such as bacteria and viruses attacks the joints resulting in inflammation, swelling and pain around the knee joints.

If inflammation is not treated on time, it may damage the cartilage, the tissue and the bones. Due to loss of cartilage, spacing between bones will become wide resulting in loose and unstable joints in the beginning and Joint deformity later. So, doctors recommend aggressive treatment to control such Arthritis from the beginning.

This form of arthritis mostly affects the joints of hands, wrists, feet, knees, elbows, and ankles. The effect is also quite symmetrical which means if one knee or hand is affected, the other one will get affected too. It also leads to cardiovascular or respiratory systems known as systemic disease.

Who gets affected by Arthritis?

Nearly 1.5 million across America is suffering from this dreaded disease.  It is the second most common form of arthritis in America. Out of which 75% are women. Mostly women aged from 30 – 60 years are the victims of this disease. However, for men, it may occur at a later stage too. Having a family history increases your chances of inheriting such illness.

Effects of arthritis

It starts with inflammation around the synovium. It is similar when someone gets infected by a cut or wound. The area gets red, swollen, produces extra fluid and get hurt.

The skin redness is due to blood flow. Even the inflammation makes the joint warmer than usual. The fluid is stored in synovium resulting in inflammation. The joint hurts mainly for two reasons:

  • Irritation in the nerve due to the chemicals produced inflammation.
  • The capsule is strained by the joint swelling.

When the inflammation reduces, the capsule can be stretched, but cannot hold the joint in proper position making it unstable or deformed. Each time there is an inflammation, some damage is done to the joints and it tends to worn after recurrent flare-ups.

Thus, it is important to know the root cause of the disease to prevent its re-occurrence altogether.  If You want To Know More About Rheumatoid Arthritis, Please Check Provided Link.

Analysis to Determine If Your Home Needs a Smart Security System

The statistics regarding home break-ins and crime rates given below show that homeowners or renters need to seriously consider protecting their family and possessions.

  • 59% home break-in happen in daylight, when no one is there in the house.
  • Break-in occurs in homes that has plenty of cover from fence, garden and trees.
  • Majority of break-ins happen in July & August.
  • 95% burglaries are by-force through door lock or breaking a window.

Today, smart home security system needs to be connected with technology, who handles your daily worries, threats, and troubles on your behalf. However, with the increase in crime rate, installing home alarms has become essential.

Analysis to decide if your home needs security

  • Do you reside in an area with high crime rate?

Smart home alarm system is proactive to detect and respond to an array of issues and threats.

  • Are you tired of paying huge light bills?

Range of devices can be made smart by connecting it with the security system app. When the house is empty, the system decreases the home temperature a few degrees for saving energy. Phone’s location is used as a trigger to make your home comfortable, when you reach home.

  • Do you host or rent your place for overnight guests?

Smart security alarm system helps in the arrival and departure process to run smoothly. Four digit codes can be created to open and close the front door. Smart system can be programmed to send alerts, when the code is applied. Codes can be deleted and there is no need to be physically present when guests arrive or depart.


How to drive more clients to your business website?

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