An updated version of Movie Box App is now available!

After a great recognition of Movie Box App, an updated version has just been released. Please visit and get the one for your iPad or iPhone for free. Almost every person is fond of watching videos despite the fact that you may dislike some of them while some are those that you love the most. Some movies are those that you feel like watching again and again.

By the way, how do you watch your movies on your device? You might be watching directly from the YouTube and etc. If it is so! So far you are unaware of the beneficial differences between direct approach and the one that you enjoy through this amazing app.

This is feasible for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. As a matter of fact, nobody is able to store all the favorite flicks on their device, however, more they can have space but all the video stuff can’t be accommodated.

And if you are already the user of an older version of Movie Box App, you should know that an updated version has just been released.

How many movies can you store on the on board of your storage? Of course, there’s no room any longer, so what is next? Even you won’t have space for storage expansion. In a situation like that, Movie Box App is not less than a boon.