How to make it easy to say sorry?

To err is human and forgive is divine. There’s no doubt about that. You are so great but as a matter of fact, nobody in this world is above committing mistakes in life. Mistakes can be of different kinds and forms. Some mistakes are the ones that cause damage only to its committers but some are those that bring about harm to others including even your loved ones.

Of course, it is true that errors and omissions are part of life as well as part of the job that you perform daily either professionally or privately. If you work in a company as a seller or supplier and you’ve sent a wrong product to one of your clients and now; you need to send them an apology letter.

But if you have good business acumen you should also send an apology gift attached with the letter. This is an excellent method and proved very useful in most occasions as it can make amends for the time your client spent during the process of rectification. To get amazingly rare gifts, please