Analysis to Determine If Your Home Needs a Smart Security System

The statistics regarding home break-ins and crime rates given below show that homeowners or renters need to seriously consider protecting their family and possessions.

  • 59% home break-in happen in daylight, when no one is there in the house.
  • Break-in occurs in homes that has plenty of cover from fence, garden and trees.
  • Majority of break-ins happen in July & August.
  • 95% burglaries are by-force through door lock or breaking a window.

Today, smart home security system needs to be connected with technology, who handles your daily worries, threats, and troubles on your behalf. However, with the increase in crime rate, installing home alarms has become essential.

Analysis to decide if your home needs security

  • Do you reside in an area with high crime rate?

Smart home alarm system is proactive to detect and respond to an array of issues and threats.

  • Are you tired of paying huge light bills?

Range of devices can be made smart by connecting it with the security system app. When the house is empty, the system decreases the home temperature a few degrees for saving energy. Phone’s location is used as a trigger to make your home comfortable, when you reach home.

  • Do you host or rent your place for overnight guests?

Smart security alarm system helps in the arrival and departure process to run smoothly. Four digit codes can be created to open and close the front door. Smart system can be programmed to send alerts, when the code is applied. Codes can be deleted and there is no need to be physically present when guests arrive or depart.


Batteries for an alarm system

Today’s surveillance systems usually depend on batteries greater than ever. The home system had a back battery for the thecontrol panel. Such batteries would furnish power in case your house experienced a power loss. In that event, an alarm system would function for a time and then continue to offer protection for a home.With today’s wireless surveillance system the battery is more critical than ever before. Each wireless device is then powered by using a battery. If wireless device has a battery backup that’s weak, then the system would generate a trouble that’ll alert you of a problem and where the problem exists. That’s another reason to have an exact zone list for an alarm system by However, the last thing you wish is to be chasing low battery signal and not be capable of replacing correct battery.

  • What happens when the power is lost?

Your security system is usually operating on AC or house current. The backup battery is usually checked by control panel for a proper operating voltage. If the voltage goes below the base level then control panel would generate an error for system battery trouble. If AC to the control panel is lost then a diverse trouble error would be generated that’ll show AC loss.